In America and many countries in Europe they are already legal. The electric scooter. An electrically driven vehicle, without a saddle to cover short distances in a busy city center. But in the Netherlands, the scooters are not yet allowed on public roads.

Dutch news network NOS visited the Fatdaddy store in Amsterdam to talk to our customers about their experiences, see the item below:

A positive mobility solution

Emir Kir, the mayor of Sint Joost thinks the scooters are positive and sees them as an extra mobility solution. But he also understands why the steps are not allowed in the Netherlands. “People put them on the sidewalk, others cannot pass it.” He blames the providers of the partial scooters that they are only there to make money. “That is unacceptable.”

The municipality of Breda recently announced its intention to participate in a test with electric part-steps in the Netherlands. Previously, Rotterdam indicated that it would like such a test.

Petition to legalise

The users of electric vehicles in the Netherlands have started a petition to get it legalized. The petition has already been signed over a 1000 times. Click here to add your support and sign the petition.

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  1. Andrej says:


    i would like to ask you, if the e-scooter is still illegal in Netherlands?
    I really would like to buy one.

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