A few months ago small electric transportation became legal in Denmark without any notice. Although this is was great news it was still temporarily. Today the Danish government added another add-on to this law. From now on small electric vehicles need to have an orange reflective strip on the side (see original Danish notice, also semi-translated below).

Draft for Executive Order amending the Executive Order on Experimental Scheme for Self-Balancing Vehicle and Motorized Skateboard
§1 In Executive Order No. 41 of 14 January 2019 on test system for self-balancing vehicle and motorized skateboard, the following changes are made:

Insert as footnote to the title of the Order:
‘(1) The draft, as draft, has been notified in accordance with Directive 2015/1535 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on an information procedure with regard to technical regulations and regulations on information society services (information procedure directive).’

In section 1, second sentence, and section 2, second sentence, after “maximum”: “can” is inserted. 3. Section 7, second sentence, is replaced by the following:
“The trailer or sidecar must not be carried or connected to the vehicle.”

In § 9, subs. 2. In paragraph 2, ‘motorized scooter’ is replaced by ‘self-balancing vehicle and motorized skateboard’.

In section 10, after paragraph 5, the following is inserted: 1 as new piece:
“PCS. 2. Reflectors on self-balancing vehicle and motorized skateboard must meet the requirements
for reflectors in the Order on the arrangement of bicycles and equipment, etc. «
PCS. 2 becomes paragraph 1. Third

§ 15, subs. 1 shall be replaced by the following:
“Penalties shall be imposed on anyone who violates sections 1, 2 and 3, § 2, 2 and 3, and § 5-12.”
The Executive Order enters into force on 1 July 2019.
Traffic, Construction and Housing Agency, the x.x.2019
Carsten Falk Hansen / Stefan Søsted

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