We are glad to announce that Fatdaddy has become the European distributor for Flatland 3D! This means that we will be expanding our store with lots of eskate accessories.

Flatland 3D is an eskate accessory manufacturer focused on providing innovative, practical and stylish gear. A quick peek at some of the products you can expect:

Surf-Co Tail Guards
Remote Ring for Boosted Boards
Wedge Risers
Bash Guards (Open / Closed Orange, Open / Closed Green)
Shock Pads
Extended Riser
Pro e-skate gloves – Already available

If you are or want to be a Flatland 3D partner/retailer send us a message and we add you to our distribution system, you will be able to not only buy Flatland 3D but also all the other brands that we are distributor for!

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