6 thoughts on “Reasons to buy an electric skateboard.

  1. Ryan Emery says:

    1. To goto sports centre at lunchtime. Board fits in locker and is fun and quick way to get there on campus
    2. An experience ; carving (snowboarder}
    3. Fun / new hobby / teach my son new skills

  2. TJ says:

    1. Replaced my broken boosted board.
    2. Available in the UK.
    3. Rough Stuff Wheels for the UK’s sh***y roads!

  3. Josh says:

    1: Commuter board – I can get in without breaking a sweat, turn up to meetings across town in smart clothes an don’t have to worry about a bike being stolen.

    2: So. Much. Fun

    3: Gets me up hills and down again safer than a normal skateboard.

  4. Alasdair Tomkins says:

    – Midlife crisis and wanting a new hobby
    – Riding to the shops on a weekend
    – Walking the dog

    Its truly the best thing ive bought in a long long time and given me a new lease on life. 500 miles and counting.

    Cheers Slick Team

  5. Peter Evans says:

    My number 1 reason is that skating for me is too difficult. But riding an eboard is a bit easier and I can go a lot further. Second is riding on the weekend with friends who skate, scooter and bike, we’ve got a pretty cool mad max vibe going on. Lastly is the I wanted to start a brand new hobby which not many people I know do.

  6. Tom says:

    1. Same money over taking the tube
    2. More fun than cycling
    3. One of my friends convinced me to get one!

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