PEV ‘s are slowly taking over the world. You know it, I know it, we all know it, pollution is on the rise and is quickly becoming one of the worlds biggest killers. Annually in the UK it causes up to 36,000 premature deaths. Fine particle air pollution is responsible for 29,000 and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) brings the figure up to 36,000.

Two thirds of all UK car journeys are under 5 miles (well within cycling, skating, walking, eboarding and all other kinds of vehicle ranges). Granted, not all journeys are suitable for personal electric vehicles. Some have more than 1 person, some have heavy loads etc but think to your last 10 journeys, were you on your own, could you have travelled on your electric skateboard?

personal electric vehicle sustainable transport exhaust gas

These are a few of the facts but why am I writing a blog about all of this? I dont want to go on a green crusade and suggest that we never use polluting forms of transport again but one day in the future this will have to be the reality. 

Petrol and Diesel car production will end in 2050 and most car brands are already releasing their own electric and hybrid versions. It can be argued that the power for these cars is still a majority from fossil fuel power stations but for now, at least the direct pollution isn’t in our cities, its out in the countryside where the powerstations are based.  However the secondary pollutants, the cars themselves are of course in our cities. Walking just 1 metre further from the curb can halve the amount of pollutants you breathe in a busy city.

personal electric vehicle sustainable transport electric vehicle

Other PEV’s albeit scooters are growing in popularity with trials in London around the Olympic Park being run as a ‘test run’ as to their feasibility in a Boris Bike type scheme led by Bird Scooters. Will this be a good thing for electric skateboards? We certainly think so, a rising tide lifts all boats and so it can only be a good thing for PEV ‘s. Have you been for a ride on them in London? Do you think London will follow suit with much of the rest of Europe? Only time can tell but please let us know your thoughts below.

personal electric vehicle sustainable transport

In the last few weeks extinction rebellion have pushed climate change to the forefront of politicians minds and embarrassed the UK in to rethinking their climate change stance and plans. The issue is bigger than 1 country and its been a real wake up call for most. All good news for PEV ’s (and the world in general of course). It seems only now that people are beginning to see that the issue of climate change is bigger than all of us and our economy.

personal electric vehicle extinction rebellion

Transport is one of the UK’s biggest sources of pollution and its down to all of us to improve the situation. Ditch the keys, grab your controller and change the world for the better.

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