Slick Revolution electric skateboards. The new personal transportation device.

Electric skateboards have been a big thing in the US for sometime. Its only in the last few years that they’ve made it across the pond. Enter Slick Revolution…

So you drive to work, get stuck in traffic. Get the bus to work, get stuck in traffic, get the tube to work, endless queues. Plus, all of the above cost a bucket load of money. So what’s the alternative I hear you cry? Many people consider their electric skateboard a play around gadget rather than an alternative method of transport. But that’s just what they’re perfect for, ermmm both!

Our Max-Eboard and Min-Eboard electric skateboards are the perfect commuting tool. A good range of 11-13 miles (weight and terrain dependent) means all but huge commutes are rideable. Our ranges and top speeds are quoted for an 80kg rider on smooth tarmac. If you’re bit heavier or on rougher tarmac the range will inevitably decrease. A bit lighter on smooth flat tarmac then you can expect a bit more range.

A quick recharge time of around 4 hours from flat means you can recharge at the office for a longer commute (for free, don’t tell the boss)- maybe you are the boss?! or just recharge at home at the end of the day. A top speed of 20mph means you’ll get wherever you’re going pretty quickly. Depending where you live that means a faster commute and certainly a more interesting one. If you need to cross London, 20mph in a car would probably be a new land speed record for the area. Getting the tube is roughly £5 a day which soon adds up!

Got a shorter commute but fancy something a bit faster? Our Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard has 2 motors for more power but at the expense of range. An 8 mile range and 25mph top speed for a bit more grunt.

A USB port on all of our electric skateboards means you can charge your tech whether it be a phone or camera, anything that takes a USB cable.

So what are you riding to work next? The train, the tube, the bus or your very own electric skateboard?

Check them out here: Max-Eboard Electric Longboard




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