So this is something we have been looking to develop for quite some time. We used to sell the Off-road monster electric skateboard which was an absolute beast. It weighed 22.5kg and was unbelievably powerful and brutish. But, it was too heavy and unmanageable for all but the best electric skateboard riders.

So we considered a pneumatic wheel version of our current Max-Eboard electric skateboard and Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboard which are more than 10kg lighter. This would mean we needed to change the trucks, deck style and motor setup- essentially a whole new eboard. With so many happy customers out there on our current range of electric skateboards we wanted a design which could be retrofitted to any eboard already out there.

We did a little research and asked our customers what they used the off-road monster for and what kind of riding they did or were looking to do. The answer was typically this:

Most people want an off-road wheel/design to use their boards on rough ground, like a typical UK road, canal towpath, short grass or a hard beach. Not as we first expected on really rough ground with drop offs, large rocks and holes.

This meant that our initial idea to have large pneumatic wheels changed somewhat. We are now moving to a Polyurethane (PU) wheel, just like our current one which has an 82mm diameter, to a larger 95-100mm PU wheel.

The new wheel will be able to mount on to the Max-Eboard and Dual Max-Eboard electric skateboards and will likely require a new belt drive cover. We’re currently working on this new cover which would be included with a new set of wheels. It will have a gripped texture to cope with the rougher stuff and give a smoother ride. Plus, the larger diameter will help it roll more easily over lumps and bumps.

The new PU design rather than a pneumatic wheel will be much more affordable, easily changeable and able to retrofit for our current customers.

We will keep you updated about the progress of the new wheels for our electric skateboards. It is likely they will be available in Autumn.