To keep up the good Onewheel spirit the team behind Onewheel started the Destroy Boredom Wheelie Awards. A celebration to you, the Onewheel riders from all over the world.

With more than 3000 videos submitted Onewheel had to choose 23 winners categorised in 7 different categories.

  • The ones that wanted it the most
  • The most creative submits
  • Best use of their furry friends
  • Best use of the Tik Tok app
  • Most musical
  • The best Onewheel DIY project
  • Best animation and the best picture

The winners could win up $100 – $250 coupons.

The Boredom Stoke is not over yet, Onewheel will publish a new video every week on their Instagram account. With more than 3000 submits they can post a video for the next 57 years.

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