As Price Akeem said in the legendary Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America;

No journey is too great, when one finds what he seeks.

Price Akeem

We have been on a journey to find the perfect conditions to ship our orders to the United States and Canada. And boy was it bumpy and costly. Our previous shipping costs for getting packages from Amsterdam to the United States was €29/$31 – ouch.

So today we have some great news! Shipping to the United States and Canada – except for vehicles because of their lithium batteries – has been lowered to just €19 euro per order! – and we will lower it even more after the corona crisis.

This is a huge scoot forward and makes it possible for our customers state-side to enjoy purchasing, the Fatdaddy way.

This also hints that Fatdaddy is slowly getting ready to make the jump over the big pond. We are preparing to come state-side! Bringing our products, events and repair services. If you know anybody that has a retail location or massive warehouse or entrepreneurial ambitions, do not wait and reach out to us, we want to work together.

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