Good news for seasoned riders and those that missed out on owning the most awesome electric skateboard brand, Boosted Boards.

Fatdaddy has acquired the last batch of Boosted products and official parts. Meaning that you can keep your Boosted Board and Rev in perfect riding condition. And we have the full range of vehicles in stock. Brand new and sealed in the box. Whoo! Watch the video below for more details.

Boosted continues to be one of the most iconic electric skateboard brands. Our long-term goal is to keep these products alive and kicking. Continuing our efforts, now and in the years to come.

A few rules:

  • We limit rare items like the Boosted Beams to one per order.
  • We can ship everything within Europe, except for islands.
  • We can ship most parts to the United States, except batteries.

To prevent resellers and individuals buying bulk, and to keep it manageable for ourselves we are releasing rare parts in batches. Giving people from all time zones a fair chance. Subscribe on product pages for notifications!

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