Fatdaddy repairs electric scooters in the whole EU, both bought with us or other vendors. Our repair service is dedicated to get you and your electric scooter back on the road as soon as possible for reasonable prices.

We have most parts in our service center but if you already bought the parts that needs replacing you can always send them together with electric scooter and we won’t charge anything extra. If we are able we will try to buy the parts directly at the manufacturer.

You can drop your electric scooter in at one of our physical stores or send it in to our service center directly.

If you are located near one of our stores it’s also possible to have our own Fatdaddy van drive by your location and do the service on the spot (extra charges apply).

Once the repair has been finished we will inspect it one last time and make sure that it runs properly. You will get an email, call or text message for pickup or the trackingID when we ship the electric scooter back to you.

We also offer (only for Fatdaddy members) a special service where you get unlimited inner tube fittings at your local shop.

4 thoughts on “Electric scooter repair service

  1. James Last says:

    My scooter whistles when riding and a black piece of plastic, looks like a guard fell off any suggestions?

  2. Akintomy Akomolafé says:

    Hello, I have a KUGOO KIRIN ES2. The issue with the scooter is that it will not turn on even it beeps for about 3 seconds when I press the switch.

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