Many Belgium provinces have subsidised buying an electric bike for personal or work use. Some employers also give you a small kickback per driven kilometer. In this small blog I’ve made a list of all the tax and purchase benefits for buying an electric bike in Belgium.

Most employers give you an allowance of €0,24 per kilometer you ride for your work. This is regulated on a national level but not all companies provide this.

If you are buying an electric bike as a company you get a tax reduction up to €410 per fiscal year.

Some provincials have different rules, check the local government website’s for benefits that are active in your region.

Wallon Brabant: Refund of 20% of the acquisition price (max. 200€).

Amay: Up to 100€ depending on income.

Antoing: Up to €400.

Berchem-Sainte-Agathe: €50 for a regular bike, €100 for an electric scooter, €200 for a cargo bike and €200 for an electric bike.

Braine-l’Alleud: 10% of the total amount limited to €100 per purchase.

Prime Bruxell’Air: Single bike grant: €505, double bike grant: €1010, if you cancel your car registration and hop on an electric vehicle.

Burdinne: Not sure, my French really sucks.

Court-Saint-Etienne: €200 for electric bikes, €100 for electric scooters, €100 for Onewheel XR (yes, you read that right), €200 for folding bikes and €400 for cargo bikes used for work.

Deinze: Electric bikes and scooters are subsidised if you hand in your licence plate, electric bike €250, cargo bike €400, electric scooter €400.

Fernelmont: A stunning €125 per bike.

Genappe: Worst government website I’ve ever seen.

Gent: €500 per family and €4.500 per company.

Huy: A maximum of €250.

Incourt: Once again, my French sucks.

Jette: A maximum of €150.

Jurbise: No current subsidises.

Kortrijk: €400 for an electric bike.

La Hulpe: €200 for an electric bike.

Mons: €100 for an electric scooter and Onewheel, €200 for an electric bike and €400 for cargo bikes.

Mont-St-Guibert: €200 for an electric bike.

Perwez: €100.

Uccle: €250 for electric bikes.

Villers-la-Ville: €100 per household per year.

Wanze: A stunning €2,200 can be deducted, time to move here!

Waremme: No information.

Wasseiges: €500 for an electric vehicle.

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre: A free bike training?

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