With massive problem I mean that their problem is their mass, says a video I watched last night. And it got me to think. How much carbon dioxide emission can we reduce when we switch from cars to electric scooters for rides up to 10 kilometer?

An average driver weights 80 kilograms but a car can easily weigh more than 1500 kilograms, this means that a car is 20x the weight of the driver it is driving around. A typical 10 kilometer ride in your car emits about 21,5 kilograms of carbon pollution This means that if that same driver take his car to work and back he blows more than 42 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere, almost half his bodyweight.

The exact same trip made on an electric scooter is just 0,25 kilograms of CO2, a whopping 0,5 kilograms of CO2 is produced that same ride to work and back.

Heavy science;
If you produce 42 kilograms of CO2 in a single ride to work and home and the scooter only does 0,5 you can – 42 / 0,5 ride the scooter to work for 82 days and produce the same amount of CO2 as you would have done in that single ride.
There are 1.4 billion cars in the world if just 5% would use an electric scooter or electric bike we would cut CO2 emission by 2,1 billion tonnes each year. And that’s just with 5% of the rides being replaced.


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