There has been something bubbling underneath the surface at Mellow and they have been waiting for weeks now it’s time to tell he big news.

Man o man what was I happy to open Mellow Boards latest email with the subject NEW REDUCED PRICES. 

Riding the Mellow Cruiser or Surfer is like heaven, but the price tag felt like quite the opposite.

A small step for the TQ Group – A milestone for the future of urban transportation and Mellow Boards

After two successful investment rounds of over four million Euros, TQ Group, (Mellow’s main investor and leading German electronic and mechatronic specialist) is ready to take a bigger part in the e-mobility transition. Mellow Boards has been fully acquired by the TQ Group which allows them to maintain their production in Germany in their facilities at the high standard they are known for but with a new pricing.

The partnership between Mellow Boards and TQ Group will persist in innovation and continue to attempt to influence actors of the legislation to see a broader horizon of how Germans, EU residents and world citizens will move around in the years to come where city populations will saturate along with rural locations that are currently dependent on the car for commuting. More people on Mellows gives more momentum to the e-mobility movement, progress and transition.

We are looking forward to having you on board in the new year!

New Prices

Mellow Drive S – €699,-
Mellow Drive – €999,-
Mellow Drive Set – €1089,-
Mellow Cruiser + Drive – €1099,-
Mellow Surfer + Drive – €1249,-

1 thoughts on “Huge Mellow Boards price drop!

  1. Pete hatch says:

    Hi there I wonder if you could help, I bought a mellow drive set around 18 months ago and the remote has broken, I can’t seem to contact mellow or buy a new one, has the company gone under? Haven’t been able to use my mellow drive set for over a year and was wondering where to buy a remote?? Thanks for your help.
    Pete hatch

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