Looking to buy an electric skateboard or electric bike on a cheap monthly payment plan? Fatdaddy has partnered up with the best payment providers in Europe to provide custom plans to buy your next awesome electric transportation.

Right now we provide monthly payment to residents of the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Germany

7 thoughts on “Buy electric skateboard with monthly payments

  1. Dean Meyer says:

    Am I reading the ad correctly that the great “make payments plan” is ONLY available in the Netherlands??
    I have excellent credit here in the US!

    • Tijl says:

      Hi Dean!

      Sadly at the moment yes. This has nothing to do with our company but with the stupid and ignorant payment providers in the US not ‘trusting’ a company from the EU.

      If you shoot us a email I am more then happy to help you get up and running with a payment plan?

      CEO and enthousiast at Fatdaddy

        • Tyler says:

          Hello Edrick, we do not have a payment plan for the US at the moment. But will have this very soon when we open up our first US store.

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