The recently launched Bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck was a massive hit with more then 200.000 pre-orders within a week (and still counting) will probably be available as a LEGO set soon.

The LEGO fanatic BrickinNick recently launched his build on ideas.lego.com and people are massively voting for it.

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most polarizing vehicles ever. And it’s an all electric one at that. As a long time electric vehicle (EV) fan, I was excited for Tesla to be bringing out their own “Cyberpunk” inspired pickup truck. So much so, that I decided to build my own. Together, we can bring this crazy all-electric vehicle to LEGO fans all over the world!

Creative LEGO Builder & Twitch Streamer, BrickinNick

images courtesy of brickinnick

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