3 years ago, Trefecta launched their first e-bike, which should put everything that has been out there to shame. Not only in appearance and performance, but also in price. Because with a price tag of €30000 it’s also the most expensive ebike we know. Trefecta recently launched the Trefectra RDR which should be… more affordable.

With a price tag that high, you would expect a better video

Designed by the Dutch the Trefecta RDR should be one third of the original price.

Trefecta’s mission has always been to aim at the daily commuters that also want to be able to go offroad with their daily bike. With the powerful 500W engine you can ramp it up to 120 Nm in torque. The new RDR should have a belt drive for less maintenance. There should also be a build in ABS system which you can switch off if you need to.

The whole bike is produced in Eindhoven near VDL. Thought the Trefecta RDR is next to the commute clearly for off-road trails. Nevertheless, it can be perfectly used for commuting with the optional Road Kit. Regularly the e-bike should cost € 9,990. On Indiegogo, the Trefecta RDR is currently available for € 6,990, which fits perfectly with other high-end e-bikes. It is delivered according to the current roadmap in April 2020.

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