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We began with the Electric Purple Foamies and soon after released the Atomic Orange Foamies and now we would like to introduce you to the


So whats different about the Go Green Foamies?

As Slick Revolution encourages the the world to be a greener place we couldn’t think of a better way that to give a little back to the planet. For every set of Go Green Foamies purchased around the world we will plant 4 trees. Not one per set, but one per wheel! So not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint ditching the car for your eboard but you’ll be making a positive change to the world and carbon off setting too.

The Go Greens will be available in the new year and feature a black foam core and translucent green 78A urethane. Think lighter coloured emerald which constantly changes depending on the light levels.

They really do look great and make you feel greater.

Check them out here:

Go Green Foamies GO GREEN FOAMIES.
Go Green Foamies
go green foamies
Go Green Foamies

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