Turn your motorcycle into a snowbike with this Snowrider Kit

Winter is coming, and for all of us motorbikers out there that means storing your bike in the garage and gently tell it every day that it will be summer again soon.

But with the new Snowrider Kit you can transform your motorcycle into a snowmobile within a jiffy.

You can attache the Snowrider to your front fork and rear suspension the frame itself is make from extra strong steel to keep up with the harsh winter weather.

The Snowrider Snowbike Kit can be used on all modern motocross and enduro motorcycles. This ensures a quick and easy installation . All you have to do is remove the front wheel and brake holder. In addition, it is necessary to dismantle the rear wheel. Then the kit is mounted. Overall, the manufacturer speaks of a mounting time of about 1 hour . A conversion should be possible for all who regularly carry out a maintenance of their motorcycle themselves.

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