Spinciti is the latest company to offer a mid-range e-bike with good basic technical specs. It is available with 2 different frames and 3 different engines to choose from. The current models are n crowdfunding campaign to (hopefully) get launched soon.

Traditional styling

The Spinciti is powered by a rear hub motor . There are 3 performance variants to choose from – 250 W, 350 W and 500 W. The 250 W version comes with pure pedal support and a top speed of 32 km/h. With the 350 W and the 500 W version have a top speed of 45 km/h. The electric bike looks like an other ebike but there a minor differences. In addition, the developers have taken care that there is no jerking when starting the engine (something that Van Moof is unable to do, even with their heavy financing). 

The Spinciti weights 24 kg with the 500 W motor. Just under 22kg for the 350 W and the 250 W version. The 250w and 350w version have a 36V battery but the 500w one come with a 48V, all are LG batteries. Which makes the Spinciti different than all the other ebikes is the app. You can connect this app to Apple HealthMyFitnessPal or Strava.

A Shimano eight-speed shifter and the rear hub motor ensures optimum regulation even in extremely hilly terrain. As range, the makers indicate around 80 km. Of course, this depends on the support you have set. Braking is hydraulic with brakes from Tektro.

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