Electric Skateboard Drive Belt – How to swap correctly.

This is the fourth in a series of maintenance blogs and videos we will be posting to help you look after your electric skateboard. Here’s how to swap a drive belt.

Take your eboard and flip it on its back. Remove the drive belt cover using an allen key. This allan bolt is smaller than the skate tool so you’ll need a set of allen keys.

You want to take the wheel off using the skate tool. Sometimes the pulley will come off with the wheel. That’s fine and actually helps. It of doesn’t come off with the wheels you’ll need to take a firm grip of the pulley and wiggle it off. If you hear it squeaking that’s good and just keep going until it comes off. The belt should have come off with it too.

To fit the new belt, replace the pulley back on to the bearing. It’s always good at this point to inspect the bearing and give the whole area a good clean with an oily rag. You may have to wiggle it on or gentle tap with a mallet as they can be quite tight. Once the pulley is on and spinning correctly on the bearing you need to put the new belt around it. Make sure the teeth are lined up with the belt. You need to latch the belt on to the edge of the motors pulley. Twist the motor by hand to wind the pulley in to place. This can be a bit tricky and may take a few goes.

Once the pulley rolls on nicely, check that it is in line and not catching anywhere. You can usually tell by listening to the motor and wheel turn.

Slot the wheel back on (after the washer) and then the 2nd washer and finally the nut. Tighten until you can see the wheel squash in to place nicely against the pulley. Make sure the washer on the outside of the wheel is tight up to the washer too.

Put the belt drive cover back on and make sure that the belt doesn’t rub on it. You’re good to go!

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