What’s in your ‘go bag’ for an esk8 ride?

I’m not just talking about your skate tool. What are the essential items you need/want when you’re out on an electric skate (Esk8) ride.

Here’s mine:


Of course this is our prototype version and I can’t get off the thing! I love riding it and I guess it’s in a constant testing phase at the moment with and tweaks being fed to our manufacturers or to Sololongboards to improve the Flex-Eboard. If the prototype Flex-Eboard is unavailable I usually opt for the Max-Eboard which I find most fun for carving and messing about on.

Check out the Flex-Eboard here

Canon EOS M3

I’m not entirely sure that this Camera is available outside of Japan. I bought this camera back on my travels and it’s a truly awesome piece of kit. Small but with the quality of much more expensive DSLR. For any esk8 ride this is my go to camera. If I want a quick shot or Instagram live photo for example, the IPhone 7 is always in my pocket. The best camera is the one with you.

Anker iPhone Battery Case

My phone is always buzzing and drains battery pretty quickly. I always carry this battery case which does kill your signal but I leave the top off which helps. You’ll get about a full charge from it.


I use my custom Slick Revolution rucksack/backpack but it’s no different to a normal rucksack to be honest apart from one special feature…

The Deck Hook

This is a unique invention of mine (Robert writing this blog) for carrying eboards, skateboards and longboards on any backpack. It simply clips around the backpack straps and hooks under the trucks. Easy to use and especially for heavier eboards its perfect for steep hills, public transport or areas where you can’t ride.

Check out the Deck Hook here. Launching on Kickstarter at the end of August.


We offer a couple of lighting solutions on our site, namely the Go Block Mounted Light and Shred Lights. We don’t have any shred lights in stock yet but will do very soon. I always carry some with me in case the ride goes in to darkness or I get side tracked visiting a friend for example.

Check out the Go Block Mounted Light here

Check them out the Shred Lights here 

Selfie Stick

Not a huge fan of selfies but a selfie stick is the perfect thing for filming riding and getting the full electric skateboard in the shot. Enter stage left, Casey Neistat. I flattened off a section on my go Pro mount to allow me to clamp it to flat surfaces, like a boards deck, really easily.

Skate tool

Widely available, standardised and included with all of our electric boards. Allen key and 3 sizes of sockets. Easy.

Apart from these bits I always carry a hoodie (this is the UK) riding at speed can be chilly too. I also carry a waterproof in case of drizzle, I tend not to ride in rain although our eboards are pretty waterproof.

Let us know what your must have gadgets and gizmos are for an esk8 in the comments below.

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