How to swap an Electric Skateboard Deck

This is the third in a series of maintenance blogs and videos we will be posting to help you look after your electric skateboard and this blog focusses on how to swap your electric skateboard deck.

Our Max-E and Min-Eboards have interchangeable decks. The Flex-Eboard has interchangeable decks too and we will be posting a video about how to swap those decks very soon.

So if you wanna swap the electric skateboard deck of the Max-Eboard or Min-Eboard this is what you’re gunna need to do:

It’s easiest to mount your eboard on its side either in a padded vice or a home made eboard DIY jig. You can use a drill to speed things up or you’ll be fine with a skate tool too.

Start by taking the front truck off, make sure to keep the nuts, bolts and riser safe in a tub or similar.

Take the rear truck off in the same way and make sure not to pull the cabling too hard connecting the motor to the battery case. With the battery case on the ground remove the 6 bolts holding it in place. Make sure the case is on the ground when doing this as leaving 1 or 2 bolts in with the battery case flopping around can break the battery case.

You should now have all the parts off the electric skateboard deck, make sure to grab the riser pads which can sometimes stick to the board’s deck.

Remove the old deck and put it to one side. Its easiest to attach the front trucks with the riser pad which is fairly straight forward to do. Tighten the nut hand tight until you see the riser pad is gripped tightly. Too tight and the riser pad will have less cushioning effect.

Now comes the slightly trickier bit. With the electric skateboard on its side place the bolts through the rear truck holes and return the deck to upside down. Turn the eboard on its back and stick something under the nose of the deck to keep the back upright and the bolts in place.

Put the riser pad over the bolts with the cut out section facing to the right (looking down the length of the board).

Lift the battery case and rear truck so that the truck can reach the bolts. Curl the wire under the side of the truck in the gap of the riser pad. The wire should exit the front of the truck. This can be a bit fiddly and you will need to poke the wire in to place while putting pressure on the truck. Once it’s in place tighten a single nut in place which makes things a lot easier.

Hand tighten the other 3 nuts in place. With the board now on its side, locate 2 bolts through the battery case holes. Make sure to do a back one and front one. Make sure that the wire going in to the battery pack has enough slack so that the black sheathing has plenty inside the battery case.  You may need to pull some more gently through the truck.

Before hand tightening the battery pack bolts in place, make sure that the small rubber gasket is in place where the wires enter the battery case. Hand tighten the bolts and add the others. Do not over tighten these bolts as this can snap the battery case. Tighten them hand tight so that the battery case is fully depressed in the foam gasket underneath.

Tighten all bolts up and make sure that the motor works ok with the controller. Check thw wire from the motor lies flat and couldn’t rub against the motor.

You’re good to go!

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