Elon Musk is hyping Dogecoin, Gary Vaynerchuk is hyping Ethereum and starting today we accept them all.

We’ve been getting requests to buy electric bikes with cryptocurrencies for a while now and today we’ve finally added these payment methods to all of our website’s. You can even buy with crypto in our physical stores.

There are some side notes to paying with crypto;

  • You pay in EUR or USD which is being converted to the stock price of the crypto you wish to pay with.
  • In the highly unlikely case of a refund you get paid back the EUR or USD price, if the crypto has in-or decreased it’s just back luck for one of us.
  • Since it’s anonymous you need to be sure to create an account when ordering, if you order as a guest we cannot refund.
  • We cannot give you advise on which currency you need to invest. But suggest you invest in one of our products instead.

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