Pretty stoked to be launching another premium partnership this month. We are adding Mate.bike to our ever-growing partners.

Mate.bike is not just any bike. It is the original (and in my eyes) the only foldable electric bike worth writing about. The design of the Mate.bike is so simpel it needs no explanation. The riding experience is suburb and will take your breath away.

We currently stocked the Mate City and Mate X, where the city has a 500W engine and the Mate X a 750W powerhouse.

The Mate City will be available in 3 colours;

Mate City Shocking Pink – 500W
Mate City Legacy Black – 500W
Mate City True Blue – 500W

And the Mate X (thicker tires and bigger range) will be in 6 colours;

All of our Mate X will have hydraulic brakes. There are 2 range packages: Standard Range – 80 kilometers and Extended Range – 120 kilometers.

Mate X 750W Subdued Black
Mate X 750W Jet Grey
Mate X 750W Copper Cobber
Mate X 750W Caribbean Coral
Mate X 750W Dusty Army
Mate X 750W Sterling Moss

Your Mate City or Mate X will come in a semi assembled package and just just need to unfold, mount the wheels and off you go.

We have the bikes in our EU warehouse shipping from The Netherlands to every EU country within 5 days, shipping times may vary because shipping agents are slower than we are.

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