Slick Revolution are very close to shipping our brand new range of electric skateboards. The Flex-E 2.0, Flex-E 2.0 Carbon, Urban 80 and Urban Kick. The Slick Revolution HQ is buzzing with excitement (especially as we have been photographing the new Carbon Deck today).

Anyway, with new eboards looming on the horizon with better speeds ranges and specs than ever, it comes as no surprise that many of you have been asking about upgrades. In particular upgrades to your current Flex-E’s.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to upgrade a Flex-E to a Flex-E 2.0 due to a number of factors:

  1. The new battery pack runs at 36V rather than the 22V of the Flex-E which means that the ESC is configured differently.
  2. The new battery pack on the 2.0 has 4 blocks of 8 cells (8s4p) whereas the Flex-E is 3 blocks of 8 cells (6s4p). Although the 2 electronic sections have been condensed into 1, the 2.0 battery pack is about 5 cm longer.
  3. The new motors mount in to the control box/esc using a 7 pin plug, much faster, much simpler and a way better design than previously.

So for these reasons it wasn’t possible to allow Flex-E owners to upgrade range and speed with a battery upgrade alone. We do try to look after previous customers as much as possible but the 2.0 has too many upgrades to make this option available.

We have some super exciting wheels coming out this summer but can’t release any details while they’re currently being patented. These will be compatible with all of the Slick Revolution models and boy are they going to change what people think is possible from a wheel! We haven’t reinvented the wheel but we’ve certainly gone a long way to solving a lot of the issues currently facing typical esk8ers.

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