The Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Fibre Electric Skateboard is soon to hit the shelves and boy are we excited. Here is a little more info on what makes this the greatest electric skateboard deck in the world (our humble opinion of course, until the reviews start rolling in and it becomes confirmed).

The signature carbon deck is designed and made in the UK by an original skater, snowboarder and machinist – Russell Brammer. The  SR signature deck is compatible with the Flex-E 2.0 power platform and is designed from the bottom as an eskate platform not a skateboard with motors! Its also available as a blank deck for DIY electric skateboard projects.

We wanted to bring the dynamics of snowboarding technology in to the eboard world in terms of construction, quality and performance.

The Features

Electric skateboards are not conventional skateboards they are different beasts, the rider is subject to high speeds and rough ground over long periods of time. This means more abuse, more vibration, more crashes and more required from both the rider and the deck. Riders need confidence and performance in the last link in the drive train, the very object which they stand on.

Deck technology moves on and sometimes solid wood just doesn’t cut it…

The SR signature deck is compatible with the Flex-E 2.0 and is designed from the bottom up as an eskate platform not a skateboard with motors!

The 10mm drop deck lowers your centre of gravity for stability at speed. An engineered carbon fibre shell wraps an Italian poplar snowboard core to produce a crisp, torsionally stiff platform that’s incredibly light yet remains flexible enough to soak up the bumps and vibrations.

85A urethane rails provide exceptional dampening and protection to your investment, no more scraped tails or chipped edges, fully protected and looking new for longer.

The Ride

The drop deck provides greater stability making it easy to maintain control and shred and the cradling effect makes it safer and less prone to speed wobble. Our first 10 miles on the new deck have been awesome. The lower centre of gravity at speed makes a world of difference and give you the confidence to cruise at higher speeds.

The Construction

Carbon fibre filament reinforcement (what a mouthful!) creates torsional stiffness but allows for responsive carving with longitudinal flex for comfort and pre-loaded flex. A subtle camber ensures the perfect riding position when under a riders weight. Even for riders at 100kg plus. The perfect mixture of Carbon fibre and Poplar wood  provides a super strong deck with Slick Revolutions characteristic flexibility. We’re not using carbon fibre for the sake of it, were harnessing its properties and characteristics to increase performance.

Carbon fiber fibre electric skateboard


For the DIY’ers out there, this deck is available as a blank. It will still have the truck bolts holes cut out but the rest of the deck will be a blank canvas with no mounting points. Perfect for a new project and mounting your own kit. Plus the guys at Slick Revolution can advise on DIY projects too.

Carbon fiber fibre electric skateboard

The Measurements

Length 36.8 inch | 96cm

Width (Centre) 8.46 inch | 21.5cm

Width (Foot Placement) 9 inch | 23cm

Battery/ESC Area 24.4 inch | 62cm

Wheelbase 30.3 inch | 77cm

Pan 35.4 inch | 90cm

Thickness 3/8 inch | 1.0cm

Weight 3.2 lbs | 1.45 kgs

Check out the DIY Carbon Fibre Deck here

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  1. Daniel Wright says:

    You guys have nailed it. This thing looks and sounds awesome! Cant wait to get one ordered on payday next week!

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