Slick Revolution Worldwide Shipping – Coming Soon

Slick Revolution and how we have grown

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND AWESOME EBOARDS – a pretty simple recipe but one that has helped us grow and grow over the last couple of years. We started shipping to just the UK, then introduced Europe and then the US and Canada in June 2016. We are now planning worldwide shipping of our Rough Stuff Wheels by December.

Here are the reasons that we don’t yet offer worldwide shipping:


Where possible we do send parts to customers and 4 times out of 5 they can fix the issue themselves. Sometimes we have to get the eboard or part sent back to us for us to fix and we usually resend fixed items within 2 working days. It wouldn’t always be possible to uphold this level of care with worldwide shipping. As our eboards improve with every model and batch we look to increase ruggedness and protection in order that customer issues become fewer and fewer.


All of our eboards come with a 12 month warranty and we will soon look to extend this to 18 months. Of course, legally we have to look after you during the warranty period but in reality we want to! Of course we do, if you’re not out eboarding then you’re not getting what you paid for!

Worldwide Shipping Cost

Road shipping within the UK and Europe is relatively inexpensive even for the larger 12kg boxes but of course with Lithium Ion batteries combined with air freight, sending items the US, Canada and further afield does come at an expense. Currently the price for US shipping is £59.99 which is very competitive. European Shipping is just £29.99 to all of Europe and is typically a 3-5 day delivery time.

Customer Service

As a small company we want to provide the best customer service possible, which means dealing with customer issues promptly, always being available to answer the phone and giving you the customer the best buying and aftersales experience. We feel that this isn’t yet possible if we were to sell outside of Europe and the US. We do ship some items worldwide such as the Rough Stuff Wheels but these are absolutely carefree and rarely need any after sales care.


We have recently upgraded our motors as well as the motor mount. The most common issue is with customers hitting large rocks or curbs and damaging this area of the eboard. We are constantly improving our designs to overcome this type of issue. The less issues, (currently <2%) customers have, the more viable it becomes to send eboards further afield.

We hope this has cleared things up a little and you’re a little bit wiser (hopefully not too disappointed) if we don’t currently ship to your country! We promise that we will be soon.

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