Electrical Safety – What Slick Revolution do about it.

It recently came to our attention that an eboard from a large US company set on fire in the street. If you haven’t seen Lithium Ion batteries set on fire before – it’s pretty spectacular and scary. Electrical safety is extremely important and so heres

Why this won’t happen to Slick Revolution Eboards

Slick Revolutions electric skateboards have a number of features to prevent something like that ever happening:


Slick Revolutions eboards have a safety feature whereby once they are fully charged they cannot overcharge. This is particularly important as most electrical products are left charging unattended. This feature prevents overloading and eventual failure.

Protected and insulated

A common reason why DIY’ers and some other brands of eboards set on fire seems to be that the battery contacts are not properly insulated and the nickel plating can touch parts of the casing and melt through. SR’s connections are protected and our Samsung cells are top of the range.

Battery Testing

This can range from vibration tests, overloading or rapid discharge. All of these parameters are tested in order to ensure the batteries can survive safely under extreme conditions. When we launched the new Flex-Eboard (with its new battery configuration) 10 batteries were destroyed in testing the parameters of the cells and suitable configuration.


Slick Revolution have had the eboards, plugs and adaptors tested and certified in an independent UK test facility. Not many companies out there are willing to share certification or even have any for that matter. There are a lot of ‘work arounds’ that exist in manufacturing and importing and our contacts in the industry have experienced them all. Certification is expensive and so it is easy to see why some avoid it or fake it but often those businesses are fly by night and soon disappear.

So there we have it, a short run down on why you can trust Slick Revolution and pitfalls to avoid with other brands.

Happy and safe purchasing!

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