The electric skateboard world has changed drastically in the last few years and its in a different place to when Slick Revolution started almost 4 years ago.

The market is now flooded particularly with low cost boards as well as some high end boards circa £2000. But many things remain the same. Lots of companies are drop shipping directly from China and lots are rebranding the same boards. Indeed, this is how Slick Revolution began and theres nothing wrong with this model at all. Amazon is flooded with Chinese sellers making wild claims and never to be heard from again after shipping. Slick Revolution have since worked on our own bespoke designs as well as what is arguably the best wireless control on the market.

We never shipped directly from our manufacturer and of course offer support, repairs and spares within the UK and Europe with next day delivery, speedy repairs and great customer service. By doing this Slick Revolution has gained a great reputation within the industry and you know we will always look after you. Top performing electric skateboards at an affordable price.

Eboards will always continue to ship from China and bold claims will always be made by these companies in terms of range speed and reliability but these will continue to come out in the wash. Sell lots, sell cheap, sell fast and move on seems to be the business model for many and this couldn’t be further from what Slick Revolution is about. We are here to stay an our focus on creating the best affordable electric skateboard has never been stronger. Infact many of the stats on our website undersell the performance, we would rather see a customer’s expectations exceeded than merely met.

Our 2019 range of electric skateboards ticks lots more boxes since collecting countless feedback on the original Flex-E. So far there is no true to longboarding kicktail design on the market. There have been attempts but most look clunky, have tacky looking handles, rock solid decks and laughable shapes. The Urban Kick was designed deck first by an original skater (Russell Brammer) in an old school style and offers a truly useable kicktail on a powered board.

The Urban 80 was designed for commuters and those wanting the electric skateboard thrill without the larger deck of the Flex-E or Kick.

The Flex-E 2.0 is our fastest, torquiest and longest range eboard to date. Will we make a longer range faster one? Possibly. But for now we feel than 19 miles is plenty for most riders. Yes we could make a battery pack with double the range but of course this would add weight and increase the price, for now we’re happy where it sits. You have to ride the 2.0 to appreciate the performance it offers, its truly a epic!

The best batteries available are now used across the board (pun intended) with zero compromise on performance. We want to stand out from the rest and only sell the best. Again, top performing electric skateboards at an affordable price. We went from bamboo to maple too as this allows us to more accurately control flexibility and deck performance, more coming on that in a new blog.

We’ve got something super special coming out for the release of the Flex-E 2.0 also. A carbon composite deck with full urethane edge and hollow hex aerospace technology. Lightweight and super strong this is without a doubt the best bespoke deck available to the electric skateboard market. More on this soon.

In terms of legality, headway is being made in Europe with the Netherlands and Ireland making progress as well as an upcoming demonstration in Germany. Towns and Cities are more polluted than ever and Diesel and Petrol cars are on their way out. There is plenty of room for electric skateboards to become mainstream but for now nothing is certain in terms of legislation.

As we continue to develop and improve our electric skateboards and as the low cost budget boards give up the ghost with no support Slick Revolution stands firm right here in the UK. 2019 will be an incredibly exciting year for SR and our customers with our new range of electric skateboards, perhaps a new wheel (you didnt hear that from me) and some things we daren’t mention for fear of copycats!

The Revolution is coming and you are part of it!






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