As things progress here at Slick Revolution we unfortunately have to say goodbye to an old friend, the Dual Max-Eboard. Sleek in design with an integrated battery deck combo. We still believe this was one of the best looking eboards out there but we have to say goodbye. Why you ask?

Customer feedback on ride comfort and moving to all flexible maple decks. With the integrated battery the Dual Max-Eboard had to have a solid deck which of course meant one thing, vibration and therefore reduced ride comfort. If ever youve ridden an eboard for any length of time you’ll soon understand the importance of comfort as vibrating feet soon gets tiring and really ruins the enjoyment of a good ride. Our designs have now evolved and all have some flexibility in their decks which makes a huge difference to the riding experience as well as comfort. 

With the Dual Max-E you were stuck with 1 design and for us to change the shape would be very expensive and the current deck didn’t allow for any additional batteries to be added. 

Thats all really. Of course, we will still upkeep warranty for current Dual Max-E customers but as of a couple of weeks ago, we have none left!

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