Segway launches APEX electric motorcycle and NineBot eScooter T

I never got if it’s Ninebot by Segway or Segway Ninebot or NineSegways, help me out in the comments. 

So far, the manufacturer was known for small and practical eScooters and two wheeled mall cop transporter. But now something new was presented by the Chinese producer. 

Segway launches APEX electric motorcycle and NineBot eScooter T 1

This is the first time that the manufacturer of e-scooters and segways has added a motorcycle to its portfolio and is also launching a new eScooter with the suffix “T”. Both are expected to be presented in the coming January 2020. The framework chosen was none other than the CES in Las Vegas.

The design of the NineBot Segway Apex presents itself as a fully clad sports bike. Equipped with radially attached saddles, USD fork and double disc brakes, it is aimed at a certain clientele. The sports tires and the aluminum wings are particularly striking. It is driven by a chain that is attached to the engine by the swing arm pivot.

The manufacturer describes the NineBot Segway Apex as a Super Scooter. So far there are no exact details about the technical data, but the Chinese have already published the driving performance. Accordingly, the e-motorcycle should reach a top speed of around 200 km/ h . It accelerates to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds. This sprint should provide 110 kW (150 hp).

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