Fisker Ocean wants to be the first recyclable electric car

Made mainly from materials obtained through recycling the new Fisker SUV designed by the Danish designer Henrik Fisker wants to be recyclable.

According to the manufacturer, the Fisker Ocean is said to be the first vehicle in the world that is environmentally friendly. The interior is completely vegan. So no leather is used. All plastic elements are made of material that comes from recycling. For example, the floor covering comes from stocks of old fishing nets that were formed into new material in a complex process. The situation is similar for the seat covers. These were covered with materials from recycled plastic bottles and T-shirts.

The battery of the Fisker Ocean has a storage capacity of 80 kWh . The designer wants to guarantee a range of around 480 km. In addition to the classic charging station, the concept also offers solar cells that “fill up” the car. This should enable at least 1,600 km per year through the power of the sun. And although an actual presentation is still pending, it is possible to pre-order the eco-SUV.

The vehicle is said to cost around $380 a month as a lease . There is also a one-time payment of $3000. 

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