Probably the best electric bike for daily use

The special thing about the Model 1 E-Bike from Civilized Cycles are the integrated panniers . These can transport up to 20 liters of cargo. The coolest thing is that they can be pulled out. Then they offer space for 80 liters . 

Civilized Cycles also ensures safety with the Model 1 E-Bike. Lights can be found in the back and front. The front headlamp lowers automatically when an oncoming headlamp is detected. The rear light also serves as a brake light. The brakes are applied using a hydraulic disc brake from Tektro. Various settings can be made using a special app. The mobile device is classically coupled via Bluetooth.

Bring a Friend or Two Little Ones
Bring a Friend or Two Little Ones

Life was meant to be experienced together, so the Model 1 is full of features that make carrying a passenger a breeze. The powerful motor assist, ‘boost’ throttle, and comfortable, controlled ride keeps both pilot and passengers happy.

Probably the best electric bike for daily use 1
Carry Everything

With up to 50 lbs of cargo carrying capacity cushioned by a real suspension, wearing a backpack is a thing of the past. Commuting with a laptop in professional clothes, grocery runs, trips to the hardware store, or even a rough road camping trip is easy.


6061 aluminum, seating for rider and passenger
Total rider and cargo capacity: 400lbs / 180 kilos
Vehicle weight: 75lbs / 34kg


Front suspension: Manitou32mm fork tube, 20mm axle, 80mm travel
Adjustments: Mechanical preload, compression to lockout, rebound

Rear suspension: Manitou single pivot, 60mm travel
Automatic sag adjustment/ self leveling system


Front: Tektro 203mm hydraulic disc
Rear: Tektro 180mm hydraulic disc


350w/500w/750w high torque mid-drive*
Throttle, Pedal Assist and Power-on-Demand modes*


25 miles/40 km (50 miles / 80 km with optional second battery)**


2 year warranty (typical exclusions)
10 year frame warranty


USB charger
Integrated headlight, tail light, brake light, and turn signals


Integrated locking and and water-resistant panniers with Cargo Control System
Capacity: 20 liters / 80 liters  closed / expanded***


 20mph / 28mph / 25kph / 45kph*


Lithium Ion, 10.5 Amp hours @ 48 Volts

Panasonic or LG cells only

Room for optional second battery 

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