In late 2017 we shipped the Flex-Eboard as part of our kickstarter launch. Soon after we introduced the Max-E 2.0 which uses the Flex-E battery case but a single motor. Rather than this being a single motor Flex-Eboard it was an upgrade to the Max-E as it used the thinner trucks, single motor, Max-E deck but just the Flex-E battery case. The Max-E 2.0 was born and it was the sleeker slightly faster version of the Max-E.

Here is why we will no longer be stocking the Max-E 2.0 once these have sold out…

Speed, Power and Range.

When it comes to eboards, speed, power and range are usually the 2 deciding factors that customers want. With a single motor you can get up to decent speed but of course this takes longer and the single motor isn’t as good at powering up hills or for heavier riders. Typically with the Max-E 2.0 customers have loved their time with it and as a first board its a great piece of kit. But 2 months down the line we usually get the phone call or email asking if it can be upgraded to dual motors. We see it in the same respect as buying a new faster car. For the first month its brilliant and much better than your old car, but as time goes on and you get used to it you start looking at the model up for some extra oomph.

For this reason, we will not be introducing a single motor version of the Flex-E 2.0, Urban 80 or Urban Kick. The weight saved and cost reduction arent worthwhile for the power that you lose and for heavier riders in hillier areas like a lot of the UK, power is a must.

Another point is that with single motor braking the braking distance is increased as well as a small safety element. We encourage riders to learn footbraking and with a single motor eboard, if a belt were to snap then you would need ot freewheel to a stop or footbrake.With a dual its extremely rare that both belts would snap, unless of course you ride through a pile if glass or lava of course!

The Max-E and Min-E will be discontinued once we have sold out our current stock. So from 2019 the Slick Revoution Lineup will be the Flex-E, Flex-E 2.0, Urban Kick and Urban 80. All to our own design and specification with no more single motor eboars in the lineup. So just a heads up!

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One thought on “No more singles! Yes we’re talking about motors!

  1. Alastair Minty says:

    I skipped the single motor board stage, did the research and took the plunge on the Flex E and haven’t outgrown it.
    Dual motors make sense to me, the urban kick is something genuinely different to add to the range. The only sad thing is that you can’t squeeze in a dual motor Min E – that would be quirky… ?

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