This week Bosch eBike launched a complete new range of eBikes, this time including Urban and Cargo eBikes. This is a big step for Bosch that told us have sold more than one million eBikes in Germany alone.

The sales reports was not the only thing that amazed the audience during the Bosch 10th anniversary show. They now also want to include an anti-tuning and anti-theft system already build into their new models. Bosch said that this is done by a sensor that detects if the eBike have been tempered with. If the sensor gets triggered the motor will go into ‘limp home’ mode, a special mode where the electric assistance is reduced.

Next to limping their future sales they also had some great improvements;
The Performance Line CX Motor will be 50% smaller and with 2,9 kilograms is also 25% lighter than the current model.

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