Germany voted Yes to e-scooters back on May 16th. Today more details have been revealed about the requirements of both the e-scooter and the driver.

We’ve summed up the requirements below.

  • Has a steering and holding rod.
  • Maximum 70 centimeters wide, 1.40 meters high and 2.00 meters long.
  • Permitted maximum weight: 55 kg (without rider)
  • Maximum design speed of minimal 6 and maximal 20 km/h
  • Power limitation to 500 watts (1,400 watts for self-balancing vehicles like the typical Segway ride)
  • Compliance with “driving dynamics” minimum requirements

The electric vehicles must be roadworthy, be able to brake, be controllable and have a lighting system.


In addition to the technical conditions, buyers or lessors must take out liability insurance for electric pedal scooters.

The first insurance companies already offer this for 29 euro per year. However, there is no fixed insurance number plate. Instead, an insurance sticker is issued that should be attached to the back of the vehicle, if possible under the tail light.


Electric pedal scooters may only be driven on cycle paths or cycle lanes. Anyone who moves an electric pedal scooter without a general operating licence, pays a fine of 70 euro.

Driving without an insurance sticker costs 40 euros. Among other regulations, insufficient lighting is fined 20 euros, and driving on “unacceptable traffic areas” or side by side comes with a 15 euro-fine.

18 thoughts on “Germany legalizes e-scooters, these are the rules

  1. Only Germany says:

    What a such stupid limitations , it is logic that politicians don’t want you to get independent of the public transport system with more faster e-scooters and with more long range capabilities. So where is the the “yes” to the ..”green energy bullshit” Politicians invested in green transport to be used for the “people” but people is not allowed to buy green energy product that will help them to save them massive amount of money in their lives… like solar panels and bank of batteries with electric inverters to power on your house..the technology is already there and It is not expensive anymore and it is more advanced than 10 years ago but no, politicians want you to better not have this knowledge, sucking you money.

    • AC says:

      You are correct. So much of politics here is based on blatant two faced lies and hypocrisy. I hate living here.

  2. Dharmik Shah says:

    I have imported an e-Scooter from Poland to ride on German or European Streets. Unfortunately I have not received yet the CoC from manufacturer. And ADAC told me we need that paper to give you insurance. Can anyone please help me how can I get a Liability Insurance?

  3. Becky says:

    So, I love Electric Scooters in Germany, Been driving them here for 2 years now and currently have 2 different modeled Segway Scooters They have model numbers and the ones that end in the letter “D” are Deutschland ones, i see a ton of comments saying theirs aren’t legal and its true, you must buy a German specific one. That being said, insuring mine was as simple as declaring and checking some boxes on line, and the “plate” sticker was mailed to me.

    First: INSURANCE IS CHEAP!!! it cost me 35 euros for a year for EVERYTHING insurance, like medical, damages, and even theft. The second policy i have is for a cheaper scooter with less attachments, and its 17 Euros for an entire year! The insurance for an entire year is worth so much more than ANY fine you can possibly recieve from just being honest! A new Deutschland model scooter will start at 200 Euros, the fines start much higher 😉

    That being said the sticker is mailed to you and you could in theory slap it on anything you wanted legal or not, just know it isnt worth it to do anything illegal with it.

    The very first day i was super eager! and excited to ride it but i hadn’t received my sticker in the mail yet, my “plate” came the next day. I carried the paper printed that i ordered, paid and had my insurance info but didn’t have plate yet! i rode, turned down 2 streets and was pulled over not even 2km from my home. I was just stopped for driving without the sticker, luckily for me i provided proof, and was all good. However, they are definitely on top of it!
    Overall, ive driven, 956 Km on my 2 scooters, they fold, are great for Germany, the trains, and overall getting around, without a single cent of petrol! worth the money/insurance

  4. Essa Jammeh says:


    I bought a e-scooter from an individual person and I forgot my receipt in my Jacket and wash it with machine, before registration and now I cannot find any receipt to register it and I cannot trace the Seller

  5. ken says:

    i have a scooter exceeds the speed limit, where can i calibrate it so it can be street legal?

  6. Tom Chun says:

    Hi. I have a scooter which cannot be legally accepted by the German government due to the speed limit regulation. But I rode it anyway and did not go over the speed limit nor did crazy things. Once I was doing grocery and Polizei caught me and wrote a report. After 2 month I received a fine of 1050 EUR which I think is ridiculous. Luckily I have legal protection insurance so should I fight for this or not? Anyone can help me?

    • Stijn says:

      You did something illegal knowingly and got caught… You might think the fine is ridiculous but I think it’s ridiculous you rode the scooter anyway despite being informed that it was not legally accepted.

      • goo goo ga ga says:

        You bend over people are why they think its acceptable to fine someone over 1000 euros for this

  7. Emre says:

    After getting the insurance, what will happen if i tune the e-scooter and make its speed 40 km/h ?

    How will insurance know this and cancel it ?

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