Germany legalizes e-scooters, these are the rules

Germany voted Yes to e-scooters back on May 16th. Today more details have been revealed about the requirements of both the e-scooter and the driver.

We’ve summed up the requirements below.

  • Has a steering and holding rod.
  • Maximum 70 centimeters wide, 1.40 meters high and 2.00 meters long.
  • Permitted maximum weight: 55 kg (without rider)
  • Maximum design speed of minimal 6 and maximal 20 km/h
  • Power limitation to 500 watts (1,400 watts for self-balancing vehicles like the typical Segway ride)
  • Compliance with “driving dynamics” minimum requirements

The electric vehicles must be roadworthy, be able to brake, be controllable and have a lighting system.


In addition to the technical conditions, buyers or lessors must take out liability insurance for electric pedal scooters.

The first insurance companies already offer this for 29 euro per year. However, there is no fixed insurance number plate. Instead, an insurance sticker is issued that should be attached to the back of the vehicle, if possible under the tail light.


Electric pedal scooters may only be driven on cycle paths or cycle lanes. Anyone who moves an electric pedal scooter without a general operating licence, pays a fine of 70 euro.

Driving without an insurance sticker costs 40 euros. Among other regulations, insufficient lighting is fined 20 euros, and driving on “unacceptable traffic areas” or side by side comes with a 15 euro-fine.

4 Comments to “ Germany legalizes e-scooters, these are the rules”

  1. Nathan says :Reply

    How do I get a license plate my e-scooter?

  2. Vijay kumar M says :Reply


    Could you please suggest where can i get the insurance done for escooters?

  3. Jan Müller says :Reply

    Where do I get the insurance for my e scooter?

  4. Emre says :Reply

    After getting the insurance, what will happen if i tune the e-scooter and make its speed 40 km/h ?

    How will insurance know this and cancel it ?

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