Most of the vehicles and products that Fatdaddy sells are equipped with 18650 Li-ion batteries. These batteries are the best you can get at this time and all of our suppliers use the best possible parts. But why does my battery looses capacity over time?

The answer is pretty simple, this is a natural degeneration of the cell itself. Every time you charge the battery the cell gets a little damaged and after a longer time period (or a lot of charges) the battery will loose capacity.

There are also a lot of other factors that will impact the amount of miles you can get from your battery. For example the road you ride on, the weather (wind) or even your weight can heavily decrease the range you get from your vehicle. This is also why it’s sometimes difficult to promise a certain range and why we always promote a rough estimate.

If you feel that your battery is not working as should you can always contact our service center and let us check it out. Just remember that if your battery is not functioning as it should you should never charge, use or open the battery case.

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