Yesterday, Mate launched their first electric cargo bike. And although there were already quite a few leaked images on Reddit, Mate has exceeded all expectations. In this article, you can read all the features and important information about the Mate electric cargo bike and why you want it.

60% of all car rides are under 8 kilometres

With this message, Mate begins the launch of the SUV, a name familiar from the car world and immediately associated with big, square cars that you can never park – but Mate has another purpose for this electric bike. Because the Mate SUV cargo bike actually has the conveniences of a car kwa storage and functionalities but is actually an electric bike.

Who is the Mate SUV for?

The Mate SUV seems to focus on families who want to ride around with 2 children or 1 adult, and with a range of up to 100km, this should certainly be possible. But businesses and self-employed people can also take full advantage of the special features of this cargo bike, as this electric cargo bike is modular.

The modular Mate Wing

Being able to change the body on an electric cargo bike is nothing new, being able to change the purpose of the electric bike within minutes is. So you can choose from a cargo interior, passenger transport, safety bars and a rain cover for everything you keep in the cargo box.

Unique lighting

Everyone knows the Tesla Cybertruck, a rugged electric ‘SUV’ with so many features that I can’t even list them all here. But one feature is very obvious from the outside; namely the headlight or LED bar at the front. The same LED strip can be found on the Mate SUV. When I saw this bike in person, this futuristic front end was enough to make me fall in love with the design, although I don’t know how well this will light up the road?

In 4 different colours

The Mate SUV comes in 4 different colours; Canopy Glow, Dark Solace, Deep Voyage and Sahara Blaze.

Where can you buy a Mate SUV?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while until this electric cargo bike is available for sale at one of our Fatdaddy shops, but you can reserve it from Mate. When it will be delivered, we don’t know. The price will be around €6499 euros – it is not yet clear which version or modules you will get with it.

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