Flex-Eboard kickstarterFlex-E Kickstarter Update

We’ve been riding the hell out of the prototype Flex-Eboard and have some conclusive results from 250+miles of riding. For the Flex-E kickstarter we have 1 working prototype  The diameter of the initial prototype Rough Stuff Wheels was 100mm whereas the new ones are slightly bigger at 110mm. There have been a few tweaks to the torque and power management to optimise its performance on anything less than perfect ground – That’s what the Flex-Eboard is designed for.

We want to provide real world statistics on speed range and power to improve our previous estimates so here goes:

(based on a 75-80kg rider)

Rough Stuff Wheels

Top speed 21.5mph on flat smooth tarmac

Range of 9 miles on flat smooth tarmac

Road Wheels

Top speed 23.5 mph on flat smooth tarmac

Range of 10 miles on flat smooth tarmac

Riders up to 100kg can achieve around 75% of the ranges and speeds of a 75 – 80kg rider. Riders less than 75kg won’t experience a noticeable difference in terms of range or speed but will be able to climb steeper hills.

Rougher terrain use has a severe impact on battery life, of course less so with the Rough Stuff wheels but perfectly smooth is of course much more efficient.

The hill climb ability of 15% is about bang on although we have ridden up slightly steeper sections with momentum.

So in short, the Rough Stuff Wheels due to their large size do decrease the top speed slightly and range previously quoted from lab tests. The road wheels do extend the range and top speed slightly on perfect tarmac while riding efficiently.

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