Slick Revolutions electric skateboard backpack is nearing the final design stages. We wanted to share our initial ideas with you and look for your feedback on what you want from this backpack. The reason we are working on our own design is that a great brand we used to sell went out of business and the other options for bags out there aren’t great at all.

There is no perfect design out there and our initial feedback got a lot of contrasting views. Some wanted super cheap with tons of features, others were more realistic and wanted a middle ground but with a few great features.

It’s always going to be a balancing act much like our electric skateboards themselves. We could make an electric skateboard with double the range but at the expense of price and weight. Similarly new brands on the scene seem to be trying to make the worlds fastest electric skateboard or at least something close. Can anyone ride an electric skateboard at 50mph? Yes, but rarely and for what point and is it worth £3.5k?

With our new backpack we are aiming for the slightly higher end and expect the retail cost to be somewhere close to £140. Some may say this is steep for a backpack however we are designing this to last a lifetime and if youre carrying your £1000+ eboard do you really want it strapped to you in something cheap or flimsy? Overkill fabric and overkill stitching are needed! (As well as great design).

Some great feedback we received was the value of goods that you guys and girls typically carry in your backpack. Laptop, camera, lenses etc it all adds up, so we are making sure you’ve got plenty of protection should you fall, or even just chucking the backpack around. Around 25L capacity + eboard and with a micro fleece inner

We wanted to create an electric skateboard backpack which fit ‘most’ electric skateboards. What do we mean by ‘most’? We mean every eboard which has a flat deck, free of top mounted batteries or foot straps. Plus we wanted to allow eboards with separated electronics like Boosted as well as full battery packs like Slick Revolution. Of course huge boards like Baja cant be carried in a electric skateboard backpack so these too don’t fall under our category of ‘most electric skateboards’. If you would happily carry it under your arm for a short trip, we wanted it to fit in our backpack. We haven’t tested every eboard yet but this will include Slick Revolution, Evolve, Boosted, Meepo, Koowheel, Trampa and many other ‘longboard length’ eboards. Smaller boards like Riptide may struggle but we will create a full exhaustive list. (oh, it will work great for our unpowered cousins too!)

electric skateboard bagelectric skateboard bag

We enlisted the help of John from 632 Design based in Leeds who we knew could help to put our ideas in to a working backpack. Check out his site here

electric skateboard rucksack

electric skateboard backpack

electric skateboard bag

We aren’t giving away too many clues as to the final design iterations but will keep you updated once we are there. As we aren’t fully completed please feel free to comment below on what you would like to see in the design. There is still time to sneak your ideas in…

Leave your details on this page and we will update you when they’re available to buy.








6 thoughts on “Electric skateboard backpack is almost there!

  1. Spencer G says:

    So looking forward to this. Will it have a way to charge my stuff on the go from the USB? Also what will it weigh?

  2. Tom says:

    This is exactly what the market is missing. Boosted are too expensive and the cheap versions last about a month. Super excited to order this, will I be able to try one at your office? Will it have hip straps, when im riding, I like my bag to be super secure on my back with my camera gear etc.

    Cheers Tom

    • Slick Revolution says:

      Hi Tom

      Thats exactly what we are going for. Since we released the first info about the bag we have had a lot of people asking about hip straps and I glad to say, yes! We will be adding them to this design. Once we have them in stock you can come and try them out at our office, thats no problem at all. They will also be available at retailers around the UK.

      Many thanks

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