Menno van Hout (19) is an all-round developer who is always looking for the latest technology and has been active in the esk8 world. His latest contribution is a battery calculator for DIY electric skateboards which you can find at esk8-calculators.com.

Can you explain what exactly esk8-calculators offers?
Esk8-calculators is useful for anyone who wants to make a new battery pack and for people who need help setting up their VESC.

The calculator can give you a lot of detailed information such as:

  • The estimated range
  • The total number of batteries that your longboard may use
  • How fast you can charge it.
  • How much it costs per kilometer.

By collecting all this information and displaying it to the user, I hope to help with making the right choice for cells. I also show data that has been imposed according to the cell suppliers to improve the health of your battery pack.

esk8-calculators eletric skateboard battery cell calculator
Screenshot of esk8-calculators.com

How did you make the selection of cells for the calculator?

The cells I added are used more often within the esk8 community. I also contacted Nkon and asked if they would like to become a sponsor. After many e-mails we decided that the best sponsoring is a discount for our community. That is why from now on I can give my visitors 3% discount on their cells. This is very nice especially because their profit margin is not that big

electric skateboard cell battery calculator

How did you come up with the idea to start esk8-calculators.com?

I am always looking for new challenges. I found a technique called “ReactJS” with lets you make applications that run in your browser. This not only ensures that the site is fast, but also that it works offline. Esk8-calculators is not really a website but an application that can run in your browser.

I read an announcement that more calculators are coming soon?

Yes. I am planning a calculator with which you can calculate your top speed and range on the basis of your engine kv, wheel size and gear ratio. I also take requests to build multiple calculators or add new cells and to receive feedback on how to improve the site.

Try the calculator at https://esk8-calculators.com

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