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Electric scooters are perfect to combine with public transport. We regularly use them for the last mile from the trainstation to our Fatdaddy office.

Carefree home delivery.

Due to the lockdown our store is closed, we ship online orders every Monday through Friday. Order before 2pm and your package will arrive in 1-2 business days! You will receive a UPS tracking code, and can make changes if you are not home.

Why an electric scooter?

Besides the fact that riding an electric scooter is a great experience. Above all it is very practical. You take an electric scooter folded up in the trunk of your car and travel the last few miles by scooter to reduce parking costs. Or you fold it when you get on the train. Besides being practical, it is also a lot of fun. We at Fatdaddy love to tour and go on adventures with it.

The difference with other shops?

Service, transparency and knowledge. The market is currently flooded with counterfeits. Fatdaddy only sells high-quality and professional brands that offer service and repairs in the Netherlands. So that you can be helped quickly in case of problems.


Are you looking for a perfect scooter for short distances, light and easy to use? Then the 1S from Xiaomi is ideal. Everything you need in a compact and affordable electric scooter. Need more power and range? Then go for the Pro 2. The Xiaomi's are perfect for casual riders from young to old who just want a good working electric scooter.


A Swiss company naturally delivers Swiss quality. Micro's lineup consists of powerful electric scooters with a high-quality finish. Characteristic are the blue highlights and the safety features such as a pinch brake on each model.


Segway delivers electric scooters without too much fuss or settings. The E22E is a perfect model if you'll mainly be making short trips on bike paths. And the G30 has a very long range and pneumatic tires, which will get you to your destination comfortably even on unpaved roads.


If you're looking for the most powerful electric scooters money can buy, you'll come to Zero. These iconic red steps are perfect for experienced riders who like to push the limits of what is possible. For example, the top speed quickly goes towards 60 or even 90 kilometers per hour. And almost all models have full front and rear suspension.