A little bit about the Spring Fair and the first eboards ever.

Held annually, the spring fair at the NEC Birmingham is open to the public and trade interested in purchasing for the coming year. There are over 20 halls at the Spring Fair ranging from Jewellery to Kitchenware. The Slick Revolution team had a stand in the Children’s Toys and Gadgets hall.

We don’t directly market our eboards to children but we do get a lot of parents wanting to bridge the gap between kids toys and big boy’s toys. Our eboards certainly are a big boys toy and we don’t recommend them for those under 12 years of age. The combination of speed and power can be dangerous in inexperienced hands or those not confident riding and balancing on a high speed eboard.

We had managed to bag 2 stands which were about 15 metres apart. It actually worked really well as customers were caught twice. There was myself and Beth on the 2 stands which both had demo eboards running all the time on their back. So many people came up simply to ask what it was. We conducted a small questionnaire at the show and only 20% of the 100 or so we asked had heard of an eboard or electric skateboard. Of course not everyone at the show is our target demographic but it shows just how big the market potential is. We won’t stop until everyone is riding our eboards!

It was great to meet up with a few customers who fancied a look at the new Carbon Deck eboard – the Carbon 6 as well as meet Robert Simpson the Creator of Slick Revolution. Security bo*****ed us on the first day for riding around the show but we soon learnt their patrol routes and time – great escape style.

The show lasted for 5 days and was Slick Revolution’s second show ever and what a show it was. Load of retailers really keen to get on eboard/board (you know what I mean) with the latest tech from an approachable and well respected company. The show was exhausting but well worth it. Our eboards are now stocked in 8 retailers across the UK and we are in talks with many more high street stores.

We would love to have a national network of retailers but we have no plans to open a store ourselves for now. So the show went great, we got our name out there, met up with some customers and got dome retailers on eboard.


Check out our eboards here: Eboards



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