How to get the most out of your eboard.

People always ask us what the range of our electric boards is and the answer is this – Robert (our awesome boss – unbiased review) rode for 12.4 miles on undulating but smooth tarmac before the single motor boards (Min-Eboard and Max-Eboards) ran out of juice and 8 miles before the Dual Max-Eboard did.

These are real world figures based on an actual rider. So many eboard companies claim huge ranges and speeds for the same battery power, buyers beware!

What affects my eboards range?

So many things! Here are a few…

  • Dual vs single motor
  • Gradient
  • Rider weight
  • Riding Surface
  • Headwind v Tailwind
  • Wheels and bearings

Efficient riding

This can encompass a huge amount of things from avoiding the dusty and rough edge of the path to how you carve round corners. Below are a few the factors which produce a more efficient rider.


Yeah speed and power are awesome but they’re not always necessary. Freewheeling your eboard and coming to a gradual stop saves a ton more energy than accelerating and braking frequently. Its more efficient than the regenerative batteries charging the battery up anyway.

Aggressive riding

Fast acceleration, aggressive carving, it’s why we ride right? YEP! This style of riding does come at the expense of reducing the range. The motor is constantly having to power against resistance of sharp corners, overcome inertia and it isn’t an efficient way to ride your eboard. Fun though so who cares.

Route Planning

Along the beach front or through the hills? Along the cobbles or along the bike path? Route planning can have a drastic effect on your eboards performance. On a macro level but also a micro level. On every path and road there will be a smoother route, or one without as many potholes.

Top tips for an efficient eboard journey.

  • Push off with your foot when starting- this helps you gain your balance and lets the motor overcome the initial inertia of moving you off.
  • Plan ahead, 50 metres not 5. Look for obstacles and rough areas, places where you need to get off and plan accordingly. Can you freewheel your eboard rather than brake heavily then accelerate back up to speed?
  • Freewheel – on a smooth surface the ABEC 7 bearings have little resistance and you’ll go a long way without power.
  • Stick to flat, unless you live in the Scottish Highlands our eboards are pretty decent on gentle slopes but they do take their toll on battery power. Stick to flat for the best range.

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