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Delivered to your front door

Our e-bikes are 95% delivered pre-assembled to your front door, only the handlebars and pedals need to be assembled. Don't feel like it? We can also make them completely ready when you pick up in Amsterdam.

Delivery times

The delivery time of e-bikes is slightly different than our other products. Due to the large size of the box, your localpostoffice will not deliver this. We use DHL to deliver to your front door. The delivery time varies by e-bike, so check the product page for an expected delivery date.

Service and warranty

We only offer e-bikes that we are proud of and are prepared to support forever. Strong customer service is part of that. That's why we always work directly with all brands to get to a solution quickly. Most problems can also be solved by your local bike shop. Order and ride with confidence.


E-bikes are always so standard, on that Super73 designed their globally successful Fatbikes. Here you can arrive with confidence to any appointment. The wide fatbike tires give a fantastic feeling and are suitable for every kind of terrain. Looking out for the streetcar track? Never again. We call it a motorcycle without a license plate. Street legal, and no helmet required.


Cruise around in comfort and style with your new best MATE! Its strong power output in a lightweight package allows it to literally fly FASTER than any other MATE in our collection. Easily foldable and packed with smart features to turn every ride into an adventure.


Knaap bikes is a Dutch fat bike manufacturer with a two seater electric bike that can go up to 120km. You do not need a license to ride the Knaap bike or insurance. The Knaap AMS comes in Black and Space Grey.


Dutch company WATT has made great strides in Europe in recent years. Characteristic of WATT is their vintage look, sleek technical finishing and the hidden battery in the frame. From business to student, everyone can ride a WATT. Are you going for the all-aluminum Brooklyn or the vintage New York fixie?