So you’ve got a Boosted Board but youre stuck with the same small wheels? Look no further than the conversion kit:


This kit was designed to allow the ABEC core from all of Slick Revolutions range as well as many other brands of wheel. So you can fit bigger, softer, harder and pretty much anything out there on to your boosted board. Swapping is really simple and only requires you to remove the old pulley, slot on the new pulley, retighten the belts and add in your new wheels. 

The conversion kit works with all V2 and newer boosted boards. On the Mini S and Mini X you will need to check for wheel bite depending on the size of wheel. 

We made a handy installation guide for you below. 

Boosted Conversion Pulley Kit

Got any queries about wheel compatibility or how to put bigger wheels on a boosted board? Send us an email to info@slickrevolution.co.uk

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