Are you interested in a Onewheel but not sure if one is right for you? Then this video is a MUST WATCH. Here are 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Onewheel!…

Good times are ahead on a Onewheel. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Whether you’re on a coffee run or charging trails, these perpetual carving machines are an absolute joy to ride and highly addictive. Onewheels are powered by a brushless hub motor which has plenty of power to get you up hills and comfortably break going down them. There’s no remote, riders simply lean forward to accelerate and back to decelerate.

It creates an incredibly intuitive and natural riding experience. The large tire creates the smoothest riding experience in the game and makes riding over bumps and cracks a breeze. But mostly, riding Onewheels in really, really fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Onewheel Pint + Free Fender
    Onewheel Pint + Free Fender
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    Onewheel XR

3 thoughts on “10 Things YOU SHOULD KNOW Before Buying A Onewheel

  1. Anon2022 says:

    Check out Louis’s video on the safety of this wheel.
    Title – ‘Why the company behind OneWheel sucks in 5 minutes or less.’

    It’s a horrible product and should be avoided at all costs.

    • Random Ride says:

      The product should be evaluated separately from the company. The product itself is an american-made engineering marvel. Really unique and tons of fun.

      I’m wondering why I see people getting out of their way trashing the product/company randomly online. I can’t imagine people who actually ridden a onewheels could be so set in their views. What’s the cause? Right to repair, or right to be narrow minded?

      No doubt Future Motion made questionable decisions to prohibit people from modding their boards, and they botched the launch of their latest flagship, the GT.
      They rectified the latter, by replacing faulty footpads for free (voluntary recall). They seem (even more) transparent since criticism sparked online. (interviews, podcasts). Some say they did to little, to late. I understand they have to move smart and calculated as a liable entity. They recently did open up to reasonable customizations as well (e.g. third party food pads and wheels, even in official races).
      They don’t want people to mess with high-risk mods, like the batteries. They took specific measures in the new boards which prevent tempering with the battery. That’s a tough one, as the only way to fix a faulty battery is sending it to California. On the other hand, that same system potentially opens the door for authorized repair shops. Blessing in disguise? time will tell.

      Anyways. Long post on a random website. If you read this far, I hope you make up your own mind. Onewheels are so much fun. Maybe keep an eye out for the developments around the company. Don’t let a narrative make you miss out on an amazing product.

      Personal opinion:
      Any product should be out of warranty when messing with integral parts, like the battery.
      Professionals should be able to fix it, though (authorized repair shops).
      Fair warning:
      Regarding the GT you have to know that the board intensionally bricks itself, when anyone out side of future motion facilities is trying to mod, or fix battery.
      That is anti-consumer, but also kind of understandable, as battery mods exist, and if only one fails and burns down a car, house or worse. The company could easily be out of business forever.

      Happy floating.

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