If you use the App – it’s simple, it just gives you the error codes as a number number.

If you’re listeinging to the beeps, think of the long beep as the first number and the short beep as the second number – so two long beeps and four short beeps would be 24.

The same theory applies with the flashing of the green light – a long green light followed by shorter flashes gives you the first and second numbers. For example: two long flashes followed by four short flashes gives you….yes you guessed it, 24.

M365 Fault code 10 – BLE module communication error
M365 Fault code 11, 12, 13, 28, 29 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MosFET error
M365 Fault code 14, 15 – throttle and brake errors
M365 Fault code 18 – Motor Hall sensors error
M365 Fault code 21 – Battery communication error
M365 Fault code 22, 23 – Bad BMS serial number
M365 Fault code 24 – Wrong supply voltage
M365 Fault code 35 – Serial number of the scooter is wrong
M365 Fault code 36 – Battery temperature sensor error or overheating
M365 Fault code 39 – Temperature of the battery sensor is abnormal
M365 fault code 40 – Main controller temperature sensor error or overheating

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