Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap electric skateboard

Customer Service

Slick Revolution receive around 10-20 emails per month from customers of cheap brands of electric skateboard. Some are UK based, some are directly from a manufacturer or even Ebay or AliExpress. Some they just cant get hold of the retailer or the retailer refuses to help them.

Quality and Longevity

Its not a matter of IF but WHEN a cheap electric skateboard will break. If the support is there then it’s not the end of the world or the end or your electric skateboard. But more often that not you find that the cheaper the electric skateboard, the worse the technical and warranty support. Electric skateboards are ridden on rough, bumpy or smooth generally hard surfaces facing rocks, curbs, glass and plenty of obstacles which will knock, dent, scrape and scratch them. These things take a bashing and need to withstand constant abuse for then to last any amount of time. Buy for the longterm not the short term, look after your electric skateboard and it look after you.


Warranties are great and have to be issued by law to look after consumers rights when buying a product in the EU. The US has different laws and often you will see 90 day guarantees or similar – not very long and not very good. You may come across some products for sale in the UK or EU with no warranty or certainly no mention of a warranty on their site. Not only is this untruthful and misleading but unlawful too. Ask before you buy, pick up the phone and find out if there isn’t a warranty section available on the website.

Riding Experience and Quoted Specifications

Slick Revolutions electric skateboards are real world tested and the specs are base on an 80kg rider on smooth tarmac. It’s fairly common for cheaper retailers to exaggerate specs or claim it needs to be in perfect conditions. Motors too are regularly misquoted with huge Wattage, often quoted on the maximum output rather than the constant – read around and check out real world reviews on Youtube. independent and honest. Huge ranges and high top speeds from a small battery pack and small motors? Really?

Buy cheap, buy twice. Don’t take the risk.

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